Collaborators: Julien Lynge, Taylor Dupuy, Ryan Casement


I was part of a development team that built web and mobile applications to host Providence medical services' new AR volumetric videos. Providence used Intel's®️ RealSense™️ depth-sensing cameras to create a 3D virtual environment to help patients learn physical therapy exercises at home on their smartphones and create internal training videos to continue engaging Providence's current workforce. This unique technology solution set a new golden standard for at-home and after-care, which can be shared amongst patients along the healthcare system’s 51 hospitals. I designed and developed the UI elements for the interface. Using HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Here is a video that my coworker Taylor made with some more details about the applications.
Here is a link to launch the experience.

In the media

Here is a video and an article from Intel about the project.

In celebration of International Yoga Day, the Providence team in India launched the WebAR experience as part of their "SEAL: Stop Everything and Learn” week. Below are some pictures from the conference.