Dollhouse 1
Providence 2
Lets Play 3
8 Ball 4
Angels 5

Hi my name is Arfa. I'm a designer and developer interested in game-like experiences.

Dollhouse extends traditional, tabletop play by allowing house guests to play in a physical dollhouse and teleport to a virtual, video game dollhouse. Using Unity, Arduino, and RFID technology.

Work from my time with Providence Health and Services where I helped build a web and mobile application to host AR volumetric videos ( created by Providence to provide clients and employees an alternative, more engaging, more immersive(blah blah) way to learn.) Using html, css, javascript, A-frame, and 8th wall.

Lets Play is a world full of easter eggs. Made with html, css, javascript, and images of items in my room.

8 Ball is a tiny game made within the tight technical constraints of its custom hardware, Puzzlescript.

Angels (currently unfinished) is a butterfly catching game made in Pico-8.

QUINNBOND is a website that I created for my friend who is a music producer. Using html and css.